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MinsTech Software has been committed to address and anticipate the rapid changes in our industry, technologies, and operating environments that can have a positive impact on overall corporate initiatives since 2004.

Our foremost expertise includes building SOA based enterprise system, JEE/.NET application development, mobile application development, Oracle / MySQL Database Management. Our specialists work together to achieve practical, efficient, and effective business solutions by drawing on real world experience.

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SPA Enterprise System

Our SPA Enterprise System is designed specifically for enterprise customers. Some customers operate across multiple locations with over several hundreds PC terminals. These geographically dispersed locations require seamless data sharing and centralized database support to ensure efficiency and consistency.

The system is equipped to handle high volume transactions, enabling businesses to manage various operations efficiently. Key features of the SPA Enterprise system include appointment scheduling, check-in and check-out functionalities, real-time tracking of activities, comprehensive reporting capabilities, and advanced data analysis tools.

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Minstech offers a comprehensive online food ordering solution for restaurants, enabling them to receive and manage takeout orders efficiently through various channels such as email, SMS, fax, or receipt printer. Customers can conveniently place their food orders online at any time, contributing to enhanced customer satisfaction.

With the increasing trend of over half of restaurant website visits occurring on mobile devices, Minstech ensures a seamless and user-friendly web and mobile experience for customers, optimizing the ordering process.

As more restaurants shift towards securing the majority of their sales online, leveraging Minstech's platform can help businesses strengthen customer loyalty and drive sales growth by offering online ordering convenience for customers.

Package Tracking

Package Tracker Pro and Package Tracker Express are two highly rated applications in the Google Play Store's Business Category. They have been downloaded on millions of mobile devices, offering users the ability to efficiently track packages from various shipping carriers. Currently, more than 1 million registered Android devices are utilizing these apps for package tracking purposes.

The applications support tracking for shipping carriers such as FedEx Basic, FedEx SmartPost, USPS, UPS, UPS Mail Innovations, DHL USA, DHL GlobalMail, DHL UK Domestic, City Link, Royal Mail, Parcelforce, TNT, OnTrac, Canada Post, Purolator, Estafeta, Swiss Post, Aramex, Norway Post, LaserShip, Brazilian Post, and Spanish Post packages.

Additionally, we offer API licenses for third-party integration.


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Minstech Software provides enterprise application solutions and flexible mobile applications. Our focus, although rooted in J2EE/JEE core technologies, is broad in scope, given that business solutions delivery extends far beyond the technology, it is merely one of the many components that make complex systems work.

This has lead us to expand our core competencies to Database & UNIX Administration (Solaris, Linux), MySQL, Oracle as well as System Architecture and Mobile Computing Solution. It is our goal to provide our clients with a best practices solution for delivering mission critical systems and applications throughout the enterprise within a model which provides the greatest ROI.

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